Policies and Guidelines

General Policies and all policies listed in this notice are to promote fair and ethical trading between the buyers and sellers at Greenville Auto Auction. These policies may change at any time. It is your responsibility as a registered customer to know and understand the rules before bidding or selling. Since the auction is not a party to the contract of the sale, we make no guarantees express or implied with regard to any vehicle. The following should be used by both parties so that all are able to make well informed buying and selling choices. While it would be impossible to address every situation that may occur, most are contained in the following guide. In the event that a situation occurs not addressed in the following guidelines, the decision of auction management will be final.


Policy on Vehicles on Greenville Auto Auction Property

The goal of Greenville Auto Auction is to create a safe environment for business and also for the protection of assets. We provide state of the art camera systems, security during normal business hours and an electrical burgler system.

In the event that a vehicle is damaged by an act of God, theft or any other event that was not caused by an employee of Greenville Auto Auction the dealer will be held responsible for the damage.

Greenville Auto Auction nor it’s employees will be held responsible for any damage done to a vehicle unless done by an employee of the Greenville Auto Auction.

This policy at anytime may be changed by the Management of Greenville Auto Auction.

Auction Policies

1: “IF” sales: When a unit is sold subject to verification by the seller, the vehicle is considered a sold unit and the buyer is obligated to honor their original bid for a two-hour period. If the auction is not able to get in touch with the buyer or the buyer has not made a decision on a counter offer from the seller, the deal will be voided at 5:00 p.m. on sale day. When the sale is voided, the next offer made after 5:00 p.m. will be in effect.

2: “Lot sales”, “Outside sales” and “Off block sales”: Any vehicle not sold under the hammer is considered an “Off Block Sale”. All vehicles bought and sold on the premises must be processed through the auction office. Failure to do so will result in suspension of trading privileges at the auction. All off block sales are “as-is” and no arbitration (excludes frame damage, odometer discrepancy, salvage title, salvage history or flood damage), will apply.

3: Odometer: The seller must announce if the odometer is inoperable, tampered with, replaced or in excess of 100,000 miles. If the odometer on a vehicle does not show the mileage, the vehicle must be sold “True Miles Unknown”. Mileage announcements are not required for vehicles that are 10 years or older per the State of North Carolina. The auction must be notified on sale day of any odometer problems. If an odometer problem goes unannounced, the seller will be required to buy back the vehicle with reimbursement for transportation and reasonable expenses as deemed by auction management.

4: Returned Vehicles: If a vehicle has to be returned to the auction by the buyer because of the title or for any reason to do with the seller not complying with Auction or DMV rules, the seller will be required to buy back the vehicle with reimbursement for expenses as deemed acceptable by auction management.

5: Title Attached: To accommodate Buyers, Greenville Auto Auction will process title-attached deals when announced provided a minimum of 30 days for delivery is announced on the block. On the 30th day, the buyer has the right to refuse to keep car provided they contact Greenville Auto Auction to exercise that right. The Seller will be contacted within 24 hours to see if they can produce the title. If after the 24-hour period expires and the seller has not produced the title, the buyer would then be responsible to return the vehicle to the auction within the next 24 hours at their own expense. The vehicle must be returned to the auction in the same condition as when it was purchased and must not be driven more than 350 miles from the mileage listed on the bill of sale. The buyer should not sell or spend money on the vehicle until the title is received.

6: Tampering: Persons found tampering or removing equipment from vehicles will be subject to permanent ejection from the sale. Dealers/Registered Bidders are responsible for their actions and the actions of their employees and/or guest.

7: Buyers should use their discretion when purchasing a miscellaneous vehicle (e.g. boats, antiques, custom vehicles, motorcycles or mopeds, reconstructed vehicles, recreation vehicles, street rods, tractors, trailers, trucks larger than one ton, etc.)

8: The auction will not be held liable for Flood or Salvage vehicles after seven days from the purchase date.

9: Vehicles not originally manufactured for sale in the United States will not be sold. (GRAY MARKET)

10: No vehicle will be offered for sale without the vehicle identification plate. Vehicles that have a replacement VIN by DMV may be sold.

11: Weapons are not allowed on premises.

12: The auction will not be responsible for lost keys as they are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle. Key straps are available for sale in the vehicle registration area.

13: The auction is not bound by information listed in Electronic Date Vehicle histories (e.g. Carfax, AutoCheck, Carproof, etc.) and vehicles may not be arbitrated solely on that data.

14: Any payment not received by 12:00pm on Friday will be considered late and will accrue a $100 late fee per vehicle.

15: GAA does not subscribe to CARFAX. The auction will not get involved in any discrepancy regarding CARFAX. VINs are available for each vehicle prior to purchase. If you use CARFAX, please do your homework ahead of time.


Registration to Greenville Auto Auction requires an AuctionACCESS membership.

To improve our service to dealers, we have teamed up with AuctionACCESS, the number one dealer registration system in North America. AuctionACCESS gets you in the lanes quickly, easily and efficiently.

If you are already a member with AuctionACCESS, please contact the front office and enroll today! It is easy to follow and the quickest way to be enrolled. We will receive your enrollment electronically and contact you if anything is not in order. You can also visit the AuctionACCESS website here.

If you prefer, we can provide you with paper copies of the enrollment but these should be completed prior to auction day. Contact us and we will e-mail, fax, or mail you the enrollment packet.

If you are a new enrollee attending the auction on Thursday, please come early to allow us the time to assist you and get you in the lane quickly.

Vehicles that have any of the following defects, conditions, or discrepancies that were not disclosed or announced at the time of sale may be arbitrated. Arbitrations must be completed by 3:00 pm on the day of the sale to allow time for our Arbitration Team to check out the vehicle and make a decision. All vehicles registered and sold “as-is” are NOT subject to arbitration for any reason other than odometer problems, salvage titles, salvage history, flood damage, or frame damage. If any accepted adjustment is made during arbitration, the unit automatically becomes an “as-is, no arbitration” deal with no further arbitration for any defects. 

1: Current year models with paint or body work. Current year is determined by calendar year, beginning January 1 and continuing through December 31 if deemed necessary by NAAA policy.

2: Structure Damage (including rust) or frame repairs must be announced. The auction will not be involved with a frame damaged vehicle after seven days from the date of sale at the auction.

3: Motor, Transmission, Clutch, Rear End, Steering Rack and Pinion.
*Differential Rear End (Begins March 1, 2014): No rejection for wear, noise or vibration in driveline, universal joints, C.V. joints, or differential (rear end) including front wheel drive backlash, noise in transaxle or vibration if vehicle has over 125,000 miles.

4: Front ends on front wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles.

5: Any air conditioning system on vehicles five years old or newer that are not functioning properly.

6: Non standard engines or transmissions, altered or missing emission equipment, or major exceptions to original or advertised production specifications must be announced.

7: Broken, replaced or altered odometers must be announced as “True Miles Unknown” if applicable.

8: Twenty-five percent (25%) damage disclosure statement: if applicable.

9: “Airbag” restraint system, their presence, absence or workability will be an arbitration consideration. (Auction offers no warranty to buyer dealing with this type of equipment.)

10: Blow by, oil leaks, smoking, etc. are not eligible for arbitration on vehicles five model years or older.

11: Singular repairs of more than $500.



Truist/RAC Arbitration Guidelines (click to view PDF)

The auction uses a standardized light system developed by the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) to describe the condition and/or announcements related to the vehicle being sold.

Green Light – “Ride and Drive Only”

  • Vehicle is sold with a test drive. Seller declares the vehicle to be mechanically sound within $500.00 on a single mechanical defect and subject to all arbitration policies. Vehicle must be test driven on the day of sale.


Green/Yellow Light- “Ride and Drive with Caution Announcement”

Yellow Light – “Limited Guarantee Only”

  • Buyer Beware. Misrepresented vehicles in this category MUST be repurchased by the seller.
  • Note that an announcement made under the yellow light will limit arbitration of this vehicle.
  • Salvage, flood, frame damage or reconstructed must be announced regardless of year model.


Red Light – “As-Is Only”

  • All vehicles registered and sold “As-Is” are NOT subject to arbitration for any reason other than odometer problem, salvage titles, salvage history, flood or frame damage.
  • Auction must be notified of frame damage, odometer discrepancies, salvage title, salvage history, or flood damage within 7 days following the sale if the vehicle is bought in lane or 48 hours after the vehicle is delivered if it is bought online.
  • All police cars, taxi cabs, municipal cars, fire damaged cars, flood cars, salvage cars, reconstructed cars, motorcycles, boats, and trailers must be announced and sold “As-Is”.
  • A vehicle with a bid price of $2,000 or less is sold “As-Is”.
  • A vehicle with over 200,000 miles is sold “As-Is”.


Red/Yellow Light- “As-Is, No Arbitration”


Blue Light -“Title Attached” aka Title Delay

  • Assignable title does not accompany vehicle. Seller has 30 days to produce good transferable title/paperwork. Vehicles lacking lien release must be sold “Title Attached”. North Carolina DMV Rules and Regulations apply.
  • After the 30-day period, it is the buyer’s option to either return the vehicle to the auction or to wait a reasonable additional period of time for the title. Time period must be approved by the auction. The return delivery will be at the buyer’s expense.
  • In the event that the title is not received by the auction within the 30-day period, special arrangements must be made with the Auction PRIOR to the vehicle being returned. Vehicle cannot have more than 350 miles from the mileage listed on the BOS.
  • If the title has been mailed to the buyer or received by the auction, then the buyer may not return the vehicle.

All dealers and sales representatives must show ID (salesman’s license) at gate to enter the auction. All drivers must be accompanied by a licensed dealer to enter. Public buyers will not be admitted unless GSA is running. For safety, we would appreciate it if you would not bring any children under the age of 16. 



Please examine all cars before bidding and be familiar with all announced conditions of the unit. It is the buyer’s responsibility for verifying the serial number, model, year, and mileage reading on purchases before leaving the sale. Make sure to watch lights and listen to announced conditions. Vehicles should not be road tested until the buyer has the proper sales receipts for release and mileage reading before leaving the sale. Please pay for each car with a separate check. Prospective bidders may not drive vehicles before they have gone across the auction block and may not drive vehicles that they do not own, without the permission of the rightful owner.



Please have your units on the premises by 4:00 p.m. Wednesday to avoid last minute rush. Vehicles which are not safe to operate will not be run through the auction lanes. Please represent your vehicles fairly and accurately. Please be sure that each vehicle has enough gas to be test driven. Vehicles sold under the green light will be subject to Arbitration. It is the seller’s responsibility to make sure the correct lights are displayed, the correct announcements are made, and the correct year and mileage is given.

All units registered for sale are subject to inspection by any governing authority including the National Auto Theft Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation, NC State Police, DMV Enforcement, Local Police and Auction Inspection.

  1. Numbers will be assigned on a selling percentage basis.
  2. Only vehicles left on the auction lot can be assigned numbers for the next sale. All others will need to request numbers no later than Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. when the sale is set.  After 4:30 p.m. Tuesday all dealers will receive the next available number.
  3. All vehicles must be registered by 9:30 a.m. on Thursday to be included in the sale.

If there is a dispute regarding final buying or selling price of a vehicle, the auctioneer’s word is final.