Servant’s Heart Award

Independent dealerships across the nation contribute every day to their communities.  Greenville Auto Auction and the CIADA believe in community involvement and to recognize those dealerships and individuals that selflessly give back within their communities.

Who can apply?  Any independent dealer in good standing of the Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association who makes an impact on their community.  A customer, friend, family member, or dealer can apply for another dealer. 

Why should I apply or apply for a dealer?  If the dealer is chosen as the Servant’s Heart Award recipient they will receive a check to a local non-profit of their choice for $10,000.

Once an application is turned in either the person who turned in the application for a dealer or the dealer themselves will be required to send in a video explaining the mission or goals of the local non-profit they would like to give the $10,000 to.  This would be the time to make the local non-profit shine for the good they have done in their community.

Ten finalists will be selected, and the individual winner will be named on August 2, 2023, at the Gala/Awards Banquet during the CIADA Convention and Expo in Myrtle Beach.

The winners’ pre-selected non-profit, after verification, will be presented with a $10,000 check sponsored by Greenville Auto Auction.

•Video Tips

  1. Choose A Good Background – filming in a well-lit area will significantly improve the quality of your video.
  2. Shoot Horizontally – it’s best practice to film your video horizontally and keep your phone steady while you are filming.
  3. Keep Your Phone Level – keep your shot level throughout your video.
  4. Capture The Best Audio Possible – it’s essential to find a quiet location to film in.
  5. Check The Focus – usually, your phone is quite good at finding and focusing. Just tap the subject on your phone’s screen that you want to focus on.
  6. Double-Check Your Video – playback your video clips to make sure that you can hear them clearly

•Please complete this nomination form and submit it, along with the required video by July 5th, 2024.