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We get it done quick and we get it done right, so you can get back to your business. Learn more about who we are, what we stand for, and the people that make it all happen.

Our Mission

We are committed to being a premier auction. We will accomplish this by providing excellent and personal service to our customers. We will operate every aspect of our auction with integrity. We will support and develop our team so that they can do their jobs well. We are dedicated to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We are devoted to make the community in which we work a better place to live.

Our Values

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We are

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Our History

Greenville Auto Auction is an independently owned, relationship-driven business formed by the Stallings family. In July 2010, the Stallings purchased a pre-existing public auto auction in Greenville, NC and converted it to a dealer-only sale. The auction is conveniently located on 42 acres and contains 5 lanes, a vehicle service facility, and 24-hour security. GAA is a member of the ServNet Auction Group, a network of America’s premier independent auto auctions.

The Stallings family has a long history of working with franchise and independent auto dealers. It all began in 1978 when Bill Stallings founded Regional Acceptance Corporation which provided retail financing for auto dealer customers. Following in their father’s footsteps, Bill’s four sons, Billy, Jeff, Clark, and Blake continue to find interest in the automotive industry.

The opportunity for the Stallings brothers to purchase the auto auction in their hometown of Greenville, NC felt like a perfect fit. They viewed the venture as an exciting opportunity to utilize their auto industry experience. Their vision of combining unmatched customer service with deeply cultivated dealer relationships gave them the confidence that Greenville Auto Auction would succeed in producing positive results for buyers and sellers.

The Stallings family and Greenville Auto Auction are both proud and honored to serve your needs. We invite you to come experience GAA for yourself. Our team is ready to serve and meet your needs in any way possible!

Meet the Team


Billy Willis

General Manager

Billy is the courageous leader of GAA and is always encouraging the team to grow. He has a wife, Erica, and 3 children. Billy enjoys running and eating a good Jersey Mikes sandwich.

Kevin Stallings

Assistant General Manager

Kevin aka “Coach K” helps run the show at GAA. Kevin is a great leader and loves to help coach little league baseball when he’s not on the golf course. Coach K is married to Rachael and they have a dog, Moose.


Phil Leyva

Marketing Director

Phil aka “Pastor Phil” oversees the marketing at GAA. He loves spending time with his wife, Callie, attending ECU sporting events, and eating ice cream. Phil likes hanging out with GAA teammates.

Tyler Benson


Tyler loves building relationships with our customers at GAA. When he’s not in school or at work, he likes watching Marvel movies and Stranger Things. He also loves Mexican food.

Marshall Adkins


Marshall is studying communication at ECU and brings what he learns to GAA. Marshall currently leads Young Life. He likes playing disc golf and eating at Yoshi’s when he goes back to Huntersville, NC.

Josh Harvey


Josh is from Washington, NC and currently attends ECU as a biomedical engineer major. He likes being in the action on game days lane clerking. Josh enjoys hitting the gym and gaming.


Sherry Jett-Kearney

Business Manager

Sherry is the mama of the auction. With 14 years at GAA, she does a tremendous job working behind the scenes. Sherry loves shopping and good country music. She is a loving wife to her husband.

Nita Jernigan

Office Supervisor

Nita does a tremendous job leading our Front Office. Nita is from Rocky Mount, NC. She loves to eat seafood and listening to soul and R&B music. When not at work, she enjoys visiting the beach.

Lexy Johnson

Office Clerk

Lexy has been with GAA for 7 years is always bringing a smile to the front office. She loves cooking for her 3 teenage girls when she’s at home. Lexy is originally from Maine, but she now loves the beaches of NC.

Wyn Mills

Office Clerk

Wyn is the first hello you receive when you walk through the door at GAA. She is always joyful and loves serving the dealers. Wyn likes to visit historical sites and eat a good brunch at the Scullery.


Drew Ingram

Fleet Account Manager

Drew was voted as the winner of GAA’s Servant’s Heart Award. He has been a lifeguard and pool manager for a decade. Drew always encourages the team to, “Be the best you, you can be.”

Shannon Conley

Fleet Account Manager

Shannon crushes it at GAA managing fleet accounts and transportation. She loves spending time with her friends and reading. Shannon is married to her husband, Hayes, and has 2 kids, Matti and Will.

Billy Bodette

Fleet Account Manager

Billy Bo is an ECU Pirate and played college basketball at Pitt CC. Billy is a people-person and loves being with the GAA team and serving accounts. He loves shredding the gnar on the weekend! His team won the GAA 2v2 basketball tournament.

JoAnna Latham

Fleet Account Associate

Jo is always bringing positivity whether she is in the front office or working with the fleet team. She enjoys visiting Emerald Isle and shopping. Jo loves eating Jersey Mikes and organizing any thing.


Jamie Labban

Online Sales Executive

Jamie is the man in overseeing Edge Pipeline and the sale day simulcast, and has been at GAA for 6 years. He is married to his wife, Meredith. Jamie likes to play hockey and watch the Carolina Hurricanes.

Mike Johnson

Upstream Account Executive

Mike is determined and loves helping the auction grow through Upstream aka “The U”. Mike graduated from ECU in 2017 and is loyal to his Pirates. He is known for his food critiques with his wife, Mimi.

Bill DeBruhl

Upstream Account Executive

Bill aka “The Bull” was the pioneer for Upstream at GAA. He loves selling cars online. This big Pirate fan now lives in Kinston with his wife, Anne. They enjoy seeing musicals and visiting New Bern or the beach.

Sarah Wilkerson

Sales Account Executive

Sarah is our representative located in the Wilmington area. She enjoys meeting with dealers and greeting them on sale day. Sarah likes boating, cooking out, and spending time with her family outside of work.

Parmer Cherry

Sales Account Executive

Parmer was born and raised in Greenville, but went to NC State for his education. He is currently located in Raleigh where he loves to watch the Wolfpack. Parmer’s favorite place to visit is Wilmington.

Cad Wilkinson

Sales Account Executive

Cad has auction experience of over 30 years. He is currently a representative to the Kenly area. Cad is all about building relationships with customers. He is a retired fire chief of the Kenly FD.


Shawn Hill

Detail Supervisor

Shawn is the lead guy on our Detail Team and does a great job making sure every vehicle is cleaned well. Shawn is a family man and loves spending time with them. He is a great cook who helps run our GAA cafe.

Ryan Stalcup

Detail Specialist

Ryan is the specialty detail expert. Outside of work, he likes to detail even more cars on the side. Ryan is from Chesapeake, VA and came to Greenville to run cross country at ECU. He loves eating the local BBQ.

Ed Burrus


Ed has been at GAA for 5 years and continues to do a great job in Detail. Ed likes to play basketball in his free time. His favorite basketball team is the Lakers. Ed’s favorite place to visit on vacation is Miami.

Chris Dixon


Chris likes cleaning cars at the auction. When he’s not at work, he likes watching sport especially his beloved Tar Heels. Chris’ favorite food is anything that has chicken, and he likes to visit NYC.

Jamal Satchell


Jamal is 1 of 5 siblings and is from Chocowinity. He loves the luncheons that we have as a team at GAA. In his spare time, Jamal likes to fish. His favorite music includes rap and anything that is old-school.

Phil Barnes


Phil aka “Old School” knows how to get the job done right and keep things clean. Originally from Plymouth, he loves eating soul food and watching the Discovery Channel when he’s not detailing cars.

Chris Hill

Detail / CR Writer

Chris gives it his all in Detail and writing CRs. After work he likes spending time with his family. He loves shooting hoops any chance he gets, and his team won the GAA 2v2 basketball tournament.

Hope Moore

Lot Personnel

Hope can always be found working hard on the lot. She loves listening to Gospel and R&B and grubbing on some soul food. Hope also enjoys shopping at the Tanger Outlet.

Tony Vause

Lot Personnel

Tony is such joy around the auction. He is always diligently moving cars with a smile on his face. Tony has been with the auction for over 5 years. His favorite part about GAA is being with the team.

Aubrey Thompson


Aubrey aka “AT” does whatever it takes to get any job done around the auction, and loves helping his team members. AT can plays the bass and likes to eat food that is fried. He also enjoys video games.

Gentry Elks


Gentry can fix and build anything, and he has done just that at GAA. This volunteer fireman can do it all. Naturally, his favorite place to shop is Lowe’s. Gentry likes seafood and rooting for the Redskins.

Reggie Bynum

Drive Specialist

Reggie does an awesome job doing pre-sale drives at the auction. Reggie just loves to help people. His favorite type of music is Gospel and his favorite book is the Bible. He also like to eat a good steak.

Tim Atkinson

Drive Specialist

Tim is “one bad joka” as he likes to say. He has 3 boys of the ages of 12, 6, and 9. Tim loves to go fast. He enjoys racing cars on the weekends. Tim is also a Redskins fan. His favorte place to eat is Sappari.

Isaac Hazelton


Isaac keeps GAA safe with an iron fist. He has worked at the auction since 1999 making him one of our longest tenured employees. You can find Isaac cleaning his cars, spending time with the mrs., and exercising.

Alan Cherry

CR Writer

Alan is a CR guru who takes pride in the details of his CR’s. He enjoys Sci-Fi everything from books, to tv shows, to movies. Alan likes to eat good pizza and loves visiting the mountains when he’s not working.

Justin Harrington

CR Writer

Justin leads our CR team and has been with GAA for 5 years. You can find Justin eating Bojangles or HWY 55. Justin loves spending time with his two boys, Dylan and Latham, and rooting on the Tar Heels.

Quentin Cunningham


Quentin aka “Q” is the lead man in Registration. Q has been at GAA for 7 years. When he’s not playing real basketball, he loves playing basketball video games with his son. Q also like a good hamburger steak.

Mason Robinson


Mason is an ECU Pirate and helps out big time in Registration. He likes golfing and playing tennis. Mason’s favorite place to visit is Key West, FL. He is also a big Panthers fan and roots for Duke basketball.